Hubspot -Salesflows Challenge : Digital Outreach Funnels
Hubspot -Salesflows Challenge : Digital Outreach Funnels

Hubspot -Salesflows Challenge : Digital Outreach Funnels

Upgrade your Sales Outreach to a Digital Process that can be Scale up with Quality
Learn the method , get the tools and learn what you need to create your digital outreach process to sale at scale
At the end of the session you will get YOUR actionable model ready to send UNIQUE sequences of messages

Do you want to convert more prospects with a systematic approach to be personal and take you less time to do ?


#Are you missing the DIGITAL GROWTH BOAT...?

  • ~ Are you effectively using Digital Channels?
  • ~ Are you overwhelmed with all the channels?
  • ~ Are you using the right tools ?
  • ~ Unsatisfactory conversion rates from messages?
  • ~ Do you get all the appointments that you could?
  • ~ Are you having a hard time selling?


  • Actionable program from minute 1
  • Build it to fit your unique business
  • Multiply your response rates¡
  • Expandable to new growth hacks

Develop a new process of selling with more quality and less time

So... How does the process work?


What makes someone the most likely person for what your sell


when we engage with someone, we need to engage with them in their context


A process that translate customer DNA to your value at each step


+An Actionable Model

  • You will have from day 1 access to an actionable Airtable Model that creates unique messages and connects to email , Slack, WhatsApp etc..

Accees to the Learning Center

  • Your online space with all content , videos and everything you need to learn the skillset

Personal Learning Path

  • You will get access to a personalized Learning Path with the Micro Challenges to build the best digital process

The Foundation to Scale up

  • The system is expandable to new prospects channels, growth hacks and super powerful automations

Here's what other professionals are saying

This is the way you do outreach this days if you want to be effective.If you master this you are step ahead of everybody else¡

Martin Peters

CEO, Xtatio

"This is an amazing program! Jorge is been inspirational to me. He never gives up on you, to make sure that you make the best out of it.

Martin Peters

CEO, Xtatio

"He is going to take you from A to B ,all you need to succeed.He enable you to identify a good prospect quickly, so you can prioritize your focus on the ones with more potential.

John Doe

Inside Sales Manager, CISCO


"This is unique.I just hit SEND , and the whole thing we have set up it execute and sends an hyper-personalized message. I promise you won't regret it."

Alvaro Sastre


This is the last challenge for 2020! Finish strong

Do you want to learn more about the SalesFlows process ?