Getting leads into your inbox by subscribing to forums

Search for niche forums and user groups , join & subscribe to your {Key Topics}

Most send an email alert with new post / comments etc..

Then you can either review the results periodically in your email or if there are too many , set up a filter with your {Keywords}

Once you get the right conversation , visit the forum and if you have previously built you value proposition model use to find the right match messaging and content to make a compelling comment. If you don´t have anything just use the conversations with the best potential to build up your repository . ( if you dont know what are we talking about - get in touch and let´s have a chat

Now is when the things gets interesting , browse the profiles of the people involved in the discussion and choose which one are more interesting to you. Most forums profiles have a short bio with their linkedin, twitter info linked or any other way for you figure it out if there are indeed your target prospect

So now with the "chosen ones" you just need to add them to a custom sales sequence that you have pre-define for that type of prospect or a similar one, so they will get into a personalised path towards your value prop

If you don´t have previously created the right sequence for this type of prospect or you don´t know what the heck we are talking about you can see here a practical guide to create custom salesflows for every lead at every occasion