6 tips to write Sales copy that gets results

Powerful headlines

If your headline is bad, the person who has landed on your website, or on your social media post, may not get what you offer or think it will not interest them and just leave your page or continue scrolling down their feed.

Introductions that connect with the reader

If you have managed to get the person who has landed on your website, your SM post or has opened your email, continue reading after the headline, you need to keep creating interest with the introduction.

In this part of the copy, the most important thing is to create empathy, elaborating on those problems or desires this person has so that he feels we are talking directly to him because we know his situation very well.

Features and Benefits of your product

There is no point in explaining all the characteristics of your product if you don’t clearly express what the customer is actually getting from it.

No one cares what kind of software you use or how fast it loads if you don’t express how those features will benefit the customer.

Convincing social proof

People need to be reassured that something is good, but more than from the company selling that product we need to hear it from others


An original and effective call to action

If we don’t add a clear and inciting call to action, all the effort you put into writing a powerful piece of sales copy may be wasted.

In the CTA you need to remind the potential customer why they have to click that button.

An Irresistible Offer

Sometimes it may be convenient to include an offer in our sales copy to convince those who are still hesitating.

A reduced price, an offer valid only for a few days, free extras, etc.

  1. Hone in on a single focal point.
  2. Know who you’re trying to reach.
  3. Use engaging language and storytelling.
  4. Keep it accessible, conversational, and concise.
  5. Prioritize discussing the benefits of your product — not its features.
  6. End with a clear, compelling call to action.