Checklist to effective Linkedin Messages

How to make your LinkedIn outreach messages responsive?

1. Keep it short

According to LinkedIn, more than half of inMails are read on mobile. That means it’s better to think of LinkedIn messages more like a text message rather than an email. Write short – 150 words or less, and get to the point.

2. Don’t sell

Your goal is not to pitch your product or service, but to make a connection and start a conversation with your potential client. If during these initial stages of getting to know your prospect you find out that they are a good fit for you, you can of course offer a call, but you should only mention this in the later stages of the conversation.

3. Make them curious

Decision makers will give you their time if you gain their attention with a topic that interests them. Connect your expertise to their work and ask challenging questions. You can focus on their problems and goals that you know your solution or service could potentially solve.

4. Personalize

Tailor your LinkedIn message with the data you’ve collected about prospects : The best copy is not about words but about the right structure answering 3 key questions ;

1- Why the outreach

2- What´s in it for me

3- what´s next

5. Follow up

60% of LinkedIn users don’t log in to the platform daily, and those who do may not have enough time to respond. So if you’ve noticed that your message has been seen but not replied to, it’s worth sending a follow-up message to make sure your request doesn’t fall through the cracks.