Customers are everywhere, more accessible than ever. But still selling is harder than ever ( if fact sales professionals achieving their quotas has been declining for the last 5 years and is at its lowest point )

There many potential sources of leads and thousands of tools ( latest Martech stack count was above 8K¡)

Everyone is competing for you attention ,offering you "magic" tools.

Is increasingly difficult to have the clarity to know what to do .

Focussing first in your objectives and then work to define a process will give the clarity to know what you need - which tool, channel and network to use and how to do it to actually produce results for you

Let's discuss your sales process, so I can put my experience to work in your case.

Your Demand Generation

We do many things to promote our business, write post, share content, make calls, emails .. we used to attend to networking events ..but what are our key lead generation activities ?

Most of the time , we don´t really know why customers finally got into our web ( literally and metaphorically ) .. around 30% to 50% comes from referrals. With Marketing is not so clear while with some other activities like Sales Outreach is more clear to allocate the exact campaign.

What are you most "successful " activities .. what typically brings more leads?