What are the Airtable templates? Should I build my own base or Clone your model?

First just a reference to why we use Airtable

An Airtable Template Is like a financial plan template or a business plan model ,you have to make it yours entering your own data . A model is a good as the data you get into.

I created the templates with a double objective ;

To act as a showcase of what you can achieve .

Also is a way to learn to build your model

One great think about Airtable is the easy replication or "CLONING" . With that in mind I have "split" the end table in simpler , easier to digest partial templates that act as steps to build a full model. The ones that you find in each module are training models . Simpler versions that focus on one aspect .

The data that you enter is easily pasted in a new one ( could be even sync , ask me ..) but the point is that is better to have simpler models

So in in regards to Should I build mine or Clone a model? , the final templates are fully operational so they can be use straight away . And you can work with them for as long as it meets you needs.

Selling it is an ongoing effort and you will want your model to reflect your very very personal process , that´s why is a good idea to understand what´s behind so you can change whatever you need.

I will keep publishing updates or improvements ,adding new capabilities and versions that target niche specializations , actions and functionalities . So is good idea to keep the main "style" so you can add the new stuff very easily to your existing table or clone the new model and add your existing data