How to monitor my Linkedin Contacts signals

A good place to fish leads is your 1st degree network . You already have travel a number of steps with them ; opened the relation , stablished some trust and/or rapport and have some degree of familiarity.

But don´t take it for granted

The important point to bear in mind is that being a connection is just an opportunity

So don´t spoiled the trust spamming generic sales pitches

One way to be relevant is to react to their actions . So wait until they do some activity related to something that you are also related and then make a sound approach referring to it as the reason to reach out

You can do a search in Linkedin by your main keywords - the ones that you have created messages and sales arguments in airtable

Then filter the results by 1st degree connection .. and go fishing

Since you have already created each signal by topi you just need to select the action the connection did ( shared , liked, commented .. ) so is a very fast way to get some leads

This way you not only have more chances to get them interested since the reason to reach out is what they did but those who are not not now ( not yet) interested in engage will find a nice gesture that you are engaged in what they are sharing , so you´ve gained some extra points for next time

Make it flow¡