How to Choose your Signals; Strong & Scalable signals

if you can affort to buy a prospect´s list , is not worthy

TLDR - A Signal is a edge , anything that give you an entry point to be relevant . Iterate to validate the new ones and keep using and scaling the best while they work. When hunting for signals consider the Streght of the signal, the free availability and your options to get it at scale

1) Accesible ; Free or paid signal ? Ads , audiences are quite good signals , but a price. Buying a list of prospects by a number of factors have time-saving factor that have to be balance against the quality and cost. Logically the more curated and selected the more expensive. Here there are no economies of scale ,build once -sell Many .To the contrary ,the quality of a list degrades when more people have access to it to target them. In other words ;

2) Adecuate ; Stregh & Quality of the Signal :Signals are everything and everywhere but the closer to the actions people take as individuals , the stronger. You make choices based on your interest .

3) Abundant - Scalability ; To Go to an business event, trade show to meet potential customers is a valid strategy and was one of the few possibilities for many professionals . Plus you meet in person and thats good to build trust. But the cost in time, travelling , attendance fees , hotels etc.. made it a most of the time frustrating experience.

What determines the signal strength ?

Well in short is you . Your experience and sales intuition is the best to asses what really makes a good sign vs a nice to have . For example , is obvious that a sales rep joining a webinar might not be as strong as a Sales director asking for sales enablement providers in a peer to peer community. But you may have an edge for the specific topic covered in the webinar that make it a better option