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SalesFlows Overview - Introductory Session

Salesflows in short-TLDR

Whats the point /problem Level 1 WHY ;

Customers are saturated with content, competitors and noise so to get their attention you need to be be really relevant to each prospect at every interaction, but at the same time you also need to create more interactions than ever due to lower sales tickets . So you need a system that help you to scale in a personal relevant way

How to do it ;

Be relevant to Customer Context to get an AHA instead of force the attention

You need a system that models the patterns to develop relations, tailored to each customer context . What it takes to attract and develop each target customer as an audience of one -from top level concepts to specific laser value- then replicate it for others with the same context.

Is about being relevant to each prospect at each opportunity by matching their buying signals a with a flow of messages with your value that best matches their context. So what we need are sales workflows that dynamically match your Value propositions to Customer DNA signals , adjusted to their interest, stage& level and persona.

Level 2 HOW - We need first to develop sales arguments at different levels of abstraction.Define tailored value propositions for each opportunity. second, We need an operational way to track the customer context ; their needs , interest or problem , with- and that is critical- the right level of detail, to know where to start the pitch. And then we we need to create sequences of actions that will drive your relationship forward .
  • L2 WHY Multilevel Value prop -Companies usually have one top claim , slogan , with a value proposition about the problem and the results that the customer will get . The web page / collateral usually elaborates with 3/5 key problems - features . And thats it , either you stay in the high level marketing message or you start creating sales arguments as you encounter customers. That could work very senior and great sales people in face to face selling but in digital selling results in super low response rate 1-2%. You
  • L2 WHY SIGNALs -Customers research, get informed and influenced by peers, forums and online discussions. You can make your relevant point there but even better, grab the target profiles and match each of them with an individualised message that maximises the relevancy of your value to their interest
  • L2 Relationship Flows - You need develop the relationship in a number of steps that follows the right flow of messages to fully create to most compelling case .
  • Assign each lead to a pre-define sequence of messages designed for the topic level , the context of the buyer and the moment of their journey

What results you can achieve;

The desired state ; Be relevant to attract instead of force the attention


What value does it enable..

it Helps professionals to systematically deliver the most relevant message for each persona at each step across multiple Sell with a cheatsheet in you hand - a kind of tracking map where you see where everyone is and where should go - to guide them with the best action at each turning point.

High level "use cases"
  • An actionable sale strategy to guide prospects with tailored buyer’s journey that match buying signals with a flow of messages ajusted to their interest, stage and persona
  • A sales Script for sales calls ; a cheatsheet in you hand at each interaction
  • - a kind of tracking map where you see where everyone is and where should go - to guide them with the best action at each turning point.

  • A Sales process to map web leads across channels to a predefine sequence of signal-related value propositions
  • You define your keywords to search for target prospects

    On the other had, you define for each of your key propositions , the related topics that represent the keywords

    You define a multi-step sequence of value that best educate about each of your Key propositions

    When you go online and find people with relate signals , you just add them to the right flow ( note that you can add new keywords to the existing topics and sequences)

  • An automated Social Selling Outreach system across channels
  • An individualised content roadmap for each prospect to share value to be relevant at scale
  • Individualised add & re-targeting copy
  • People that are part of a specific signal with a stage & level give us a clue to generate a personal value prop Ads roadmap

    Can be exposed to a series of ads that follows the defined matrix of value , to do A/B test to out random ads

    That is also very useful to actually validate the sales copy for the target

  • Sales copy repository for social media and copy responses and content by a long tail of topics
  • Sales & Marketing aligment / scientific sales / startup
  • The idea is to model the commercial -Marketing & sales - journey into a integrated process.

Why it matters

knowing what is the best next action to be relevant ,will help you to prioritize where and to whom add your limited personal value ,( limited in time hopefully) So professionals have peace of mind and feel in control focus on producing the value that makes them special

Help to organize your multiple dimensions across channels to have peace of mind to be in control

Relationships pre-define paths , messages and content to know what the best next action for each person you meet online, to be effective
To be more relevant ..
to the Topic of interest .. the signal
to the person specifics .. Persona Tags
to the phase in the relation .. Stage scale , interlinking the facets
So , you can do a better job qualifying and evolving your relationships to get involve personally when and to whom adds more value
To be more relevant and better timing improve the success of your comms - and higher reach lead to an exponential
With my proposition, individuals can be more effective in sales than corporations with large budgets . So Individuals can get sales done while focus on producing the value that makes them special

Demostrar que tener un sales message adaptado al stage ( why-how-what / aida / loque sea que usen) es mas efectivo que dejarlo a lo que se le ocurra al vendedor en ese momento

The combination of laser focus relevance with the rich personalization across channels will produce a qualitative improve of the success of your commnications twith the scale enabled by the all digital will result in an exponential increase of your qualifyed opportunities and ultimately closed sales
Wider scope of prospects sources
A system that allows to include virtually any source no matter how smaill will wider the net , allowing you to become more creative about what is a "signal" of interest and whre to find untapped opportunities
Better qualification and filtering of prospects
The increased ultra segmentation capabilities allows a finer prospect qualification with laser value propositions that are more meaningfull and lead to self-qualification by their expressed interest or lack of in the specific message

No just one but COMPOUNDING the 3 and more Within those more than 20 variables within

The sequence of relevant messages and content hlep to evolve the prospect along the sales journey, elevating their understanding of how your solution and thir own requirements
Higher engagement and possibility nurturing / education of prospects
More relevant messages , across pre-established social channels produce higher engagements opportunities with higher engagement of those than tradicional methods as cold email or calls
you will Multiply ( by X >10 factor) your engagment of cold leads outreach by MULTIDIMENSIONAL PERSONALISATION with individualised 1 to 1 outreach
By Topic of interest -Laser value pro
AND By Buyer persona / TAG
AND By Stage of buyer journey
you will increase your reach ( by Y>2 factor) with Fine grained RELATIONSHIP WORKFLOWS ACROSS CHANNELS

By combining your email databases with linkedin , slack, web visitors, web chat, facebook messenger and everyother relevant network as quora, medium , google groups or online communities...into one mutidimensional ..that increases reach but creates a famikiary effect that adds on
CREATE SERENDIPITY AT SCALE ..Systematic Value added followups
A systematic tapping lead spurces and follow up with matching value will produce more deals

Better at Communicating value ( targeted, context and timing)

By enabling the Monitoring and tracking of activity, content & messages sent, web visits , google alerts and linkedin activity you will multiply the timining and relevancy of your sales messages ( by Z>5-10 factor) with AUTOMATED SEQUENCES & PERSONA BASED TRIGGERS

Value targeted
Comunnicating Value in the righ context
Comunnicating Value with the Right timing (with trigger based selling )will result in higher convertion
Automation Will Power Seamless “Next Steps”

Writing follow-up emails, scheduling meetings, and sending proposals all eat into your sales reps' time — time that would be better spent coming to grips with the pains and passions of potential customers.

In 2018, we'll see huge chunks of this busywork taken away from sales reps and managed by automation. From automatic personalization of emails to perfectly timed follow-ups with leads you haven't heard back from, tedious, unskilled tasks will fall to your CRM software, not your reps.

As Jordan Wan from CloserIQ explains, automation won't homogenize the customer experience — it'll free-up salespeople to spend more one-on-one time with their prospects:

“Technology should serve to augment understanding of your prospects, rather than replace it. Automating tedious processes offers many advantages, but fundamental sales skills such as effective listening and communication remain paramount even as these sales technologies accumulate.”

Higher reach and scale
Clearer Sales process operations that can be optimize and scaled

If something is important - create a system to record best practices and key elements to improve it for repeated success

A well define system of buyer personas and signals will enable you to identify a good prospect quickly, so you can focus on them
The all digital approach makes it highly scalable by replication, expansion of flows and automation of steps
Key metrics

To be more relevant with better timing multiply the the success of your communications - combined with higher reach lead to exponential results

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